By definition, Ontic embodies these two words. We’ve created a software platform that is unlike anything the security industry has ever seen. Sure, there are point solutions offering pieces of what the Ontic Protective Intelligence Platform is capable of but never a single SaaS-based solution where you can do it all: identify, investigate, assess, watch and manage threats to your business.

And never before has a solution like this been so pertinent. Violence and physical threats to businesses are occurring at a record-high pace. As early as last week an employee at a Tennessee Kroger was terminated and that same day he proceeded to open fire inside the store killing one and wounding fourteen others. The words “workplace violence” were suddenly included in major news stories across the country.

Unfortunately, moments like these are all too frequent. But so are many other threats, both large and small happening daily that don’t always make the headlines. Think malicious activity from an internal employee or contractor, a social media post threatening an executive, a discussion on the dark web planning an attack against a company’s headquarters or even something as small as a fight on the corporate campus that causes operations to stop for a few hours.

These are what cause corporate security leaders to take notice. To evaluate current processes. To make sure they are doing everything they can to not only protect against the next cyberattack but also the next physical security incident. To ensure that when something bad does happen (and it will), the security team can react quickly and make informed decisions to limit disruptions in business continuity.

While I am, of course, a strong believer in the platform we’ve created, we must have third-party validation for what we’re doing. People who dedicate their careers to researching the market, evaluating the players, and making educated analyses on the industry’s trajectory are the unbiased test of truth.

Perhaps the most meaningful version of this validation that we’ve had in our four-year history came this week from Frost & Sullivan, one of the industry’s leading market research companies. They issued their first-ever Frost Radar™ for Digital Intelligence Solutions and recognized Ontic as the strongest innovator among one dozen companies in the report.

Danielle Van Zandt, author of the Frost Radar™ and Industry Analyst for Security at Frost & Sullivan said, “Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform is one of the most comprehensive intelligence solutions available that can tackle an organization’s physical, digital and operational security needs across all systems and employees. Ontic is also seen as one of the major disruptors in the digital intelligence space. With a continuous cycle of platform innovation and clear product roadmap for new capabilities and future cybersecurity integration, Ontic is able to compete with more established competitors.”

We are constantly investing our revenue back into the platform to make it better for our clients — guided by their feedback. This is why the report also cited product innovation as critical for our performance in the market. 

What we’ve achieved by consistently innovating is the creation of a Protective Intelligence Platform that is purpose-built for security teams. One that encompasses physical, cyber, and operational security features to allow for more converged security activities. One that is completely customizable and can integrate dozens of open-source data providers. One that gives those working tirelessly to protect people, assets and facilities the ability to make this world a safer place through the use of modern technology.

It’s an honor to be alongside the eleven other industry leaders in the report and to have recognition of the disruption and innovation we are bringing to protective intelligence and security.

Download your complimentary copy of the Frost Radar™ for Digital Intelligence Solutions, 2021 to learn more about why Ontic earned the top spot for innovation, how technology is transforming the cyber-physical security industry and the major disruptors in the digital intelligence solution space.

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