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To meet the increased demand for product deliveries and transportation logistics driven by COVID-19, businesses have ramped up delivery driver hiring. Major enterprises that employ hundreds of thousands of drivers have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure the safety of these employees, contractors and the customers with which they may interact. Negligent enterprises expose themselves to significant financial, legal, safety and compliance risk, but when it comes to properly vetting these fleets, companies are struggling to keep up.

Responsibility for managing driver fleets often falls to vendor management and governance, or the logistics and supply chain divisions of companies. It’s common for these departments to lack clear and consistent processes for vetting fleets.

Yet standardizing methodologies for investigating and collecting relevant information on new drivers, and maintaining up-to-date information on those already hired or contracted, is critical for business continuity. While taking these steps may be costly and challenging to achieve at scale, failing to be a safe and compliant operator can leave your business open to unnecessary risk and financially crushing disruption.

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