We take pride in our Inc. Magazine 2021 Best Workplaces Award, but we all know what matters most — the voices of our employees.

We asked some of our most recent hires about their first impression of working at Ontic, any surprises, and what they’re looking forward to most. Here’s what they had to say:

Facilitating a Space to Learn

For many new joiners, we expect a learning curve when it comes to adapting to the physical security industry. We don’t just give employees a cheat sheet of acronyms (e.g. BOLO, RFI, LPR, POI, etc.) and send folks on their way. Rather, we surround our team with resources in the form of content, new hire buddies and a week-long onboarding curriculum covering different areas of the business to lay a strong foundation and take the necessary time to settle in.

Being a category creator, Ontic thinks long term when it comes to educating the market on the importance of protective intelligence. This is also reflected in the time spent investing in people. Sarah Corbin, Success Manager, shared this sentiment, saying “When starting at Ontic, you aren’t given a crammed schedule and checklist with the expectation that it will be completed by the end of the week. I was given the flexibility to learn about this new industry and encouraged to meet with people from different departments.”

More than training and presenting resources, many new hires shared that there is an intangible sense of excitement that you’ve joined the company. Sarah went on to say, “Everyone was very welcoming and willing to share tips they found helpful when starting at Ontic.”

Knowing What Matters

Being new to a company inevitably comes with some surprises — and we’re not just talking about a new email signature. One employee shared that she received a meeting invite from our CEO on her first day (hint: she was not in trouble; this is a consistent scenario for all new hires.)

When Trevor Bissell, Sales Director, was asked about an unexpected element of his employee experience so far, the value of empathy for his peers and the Ontic users came to mind. In regards to the sales experience, he shared, “The sense of teamwork on the sales team really stands out. At many companies it’s cutthroat and aggressively competitive. While we are competitive, it is in service of the greater mission colored with a sense of empathy — and that is special.”

Looking Ahead

It’s only natural to look ahead once you have the first 30 days under your belt. In the year ahead, our most recent onboarding class is eager to do so much more than feel more comfortable in their role. From closing deals, to helping the platform evolve, to seeing the impact of our work through the eyes of our clients — employees are excited for what’s ahead.

Keith Pickering, Sales Development Representative and Marine Veteran with over 10 years of service, shared, “Ontic is growing rapidly, but the team has the right mindset: add to the culture, not simply find people who fit in. I’m excited to see an already strong team evolve into a diverse and unique culture that not only meets our mission, but also makes for a great place to work.”

If you’ve liked what you’ve read here, there’s good news — we’re hiring. Check out our careers page for open roles!

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