This podcast was originally featured on The Great Conversation.

2020, for most organizations, was a time to reflect, pivot, and live to fight another day. But during every crisis, there are a few leaders and organizations that are prepared for the moment and thrive. Ontic recently announced its 2020 results, seeing revenue growth of 177%, a 68% increase in Fortune 500 customers, a 319% increase in the number of users, and an exponential increase in their ability to scale through human and digital assets.

Ontic is digitally transforming how corporate security teams proactively address and manage risk.

In this podcast, Founder and Managing Director of The Sage Group, Ron Worman speaks with the Co-Founder and CEO of Ontic, Lukas Quanstrom, about his entrepreneurial journey into the risk, resilience, and security industry. It is a story that is as much about mining, capturing, and uniquely presenting the mind and the methodology of the risk leader as it is about qualitative and quantitative scale. Meet the digital transformation of “Protective Intelligence” through The Great Conversation.

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