The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused dramatic global security shifts. Security teams from around-the-globe have been consumed by the war, working daily to navigate business continuity and reputation, travel, evacuations, ramifications from sanctions, supply-chain impact, cyber and physical security implications, along with the risk that their organization faces as the war progresses.

Ontic and its Center for Protective Intelligence and Center of Excellence are dedicated to providing the safety, security and protection communities with the resources they need to navigate difficult times like these. We encourage you to visit our Russia-Ukraine Intelligence Center as an ongoing means for monitoring the situation for intelligence-driven insights, viewpoints, and mitigation plans as it develops.

Our initial resources on this vital subject are also listed below. Keep checking the Center for more updates.

Conflict History, Current Situation and Emerging Issues

  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict History, Current Situation and Emerging Issues
    Misinformation is running wild as it relates to the conflict. Check out these resources, which we’ll keep updated on an ongoing basis, for guidance and analysis from trusted experts.
  • Danger Close with Jack Carr | Oleg Tolmachev: Standing Strong in Ukraine
    Jack Carr’s Danger Close podcast is one of the best in the industry for military perspectives and current events. Check out his interview with Oleg Tolmachev, Head of Production for Ukraine’s national gas company, Naftogaz as they discuss his correspondence with international journalists about the developing situation and his call on oil and gas companies to sever ties with Russia.

Crisis and Risk Management

  • Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Managing Intelligence Activity During Times of Turmoil
    After 30 years of service in Military and Private Security Operations, Information Operations, and Intelligence spaces, Chuck Randolph has a wealth of knowledge on managing through a crisis. He shares his knowledge on four areas companies should currently be looking at to manage intelligence and risk activity.
  • Crisis as an Opportunity for Reinvention
    Worst-case scenarios can happen, as we watch the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfold. Many lessons can be learned in the aftermath of each disaster, which enables security teams to review operations and contingency plans.
  • Maintaining Security Vigilance During a Crisis
    With the events unfolding in Ukraine capturing the world’s attention (and rightfully so), it’s important for security teams to focus on the “care & feeding” of existing threats and concerns. For example, having systems in place to continuously monitor persons of interest (tactical threats) allows the security practitioner to focus on the big-picture strategic issues, such as the war.

Leading Through Times of Crisis

Tactical and Operational Strategies

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