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Business Resiliency Is the Bulwark to a World Defined by Systemic Risk & Chaos

In times of crisis, resiliency practices ensure uninterrupted business operations, keep employees safe and productive, and minimize the impact to critical business functions. These practices can also fulfill more than just business continuity – they can be an advantage against competitors who can’t withstand the same interferences.

This report from Forrester helps risk leaders understand how to develop and strengthen their organizational resiliency. Download the report to understand:

The Importance of Resiliency Practices

Broken down into three levels to ensure businesses have the ability to dynamically react to a sudden risk event

The Seven Pillars of Resilience

With effective planning and execution, the seven pillars will help your organization to respond to any given crisis

How to Utilize Practice Overlap

There is a lot of dependence between practices that you can leverage to advance one another