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A Proactive Approach to Physical Security

As modern workforces are increasingly mobile, on 24/7 and across time zones, the responsibility of enterprise security teams is growing in terms of scope and complexity.

Corporate Security

While investments have been made in reactive solutions like access control, cameras and visitor management systems, modern corporate security teams recognize the need to evolve and take a proactive approach to prevent threats. Yet, physical security teams today have a limited view of risk related to their business with critical intelligence data often housed manually and in separate tools, as well as a lack of integration with hardware solutions.

With solution for Corporate Security, learn how security teams can easily collaborate and quickly get a comprehensive view of emerging threats.


Workplace Violence

Today, incidents of Workplace Violence are increasingly common with one in seven employees feeling unsafe at work. This is not only detrimental to employee well-being, but can be devastating for corporate performance, resulting in significant decreases in productivity, increases in turnover and mounting legal fees. Do you feel prepared to collaborate across departments to proactively address this critical issue and conduct threat assessments?

Learn how your team can more effectively identify the earliest indication of a potential incident with Ontic’s investigations and workplace violence prevention solution.

Driver Program Security

More often than not, employers lack a standard methodology to investigate and collect relevant, compliant data on new driver programs and fail to continuously monitor drivers because it can be expensive and is considered unmanageable to do at scale. Yet, failing to take appropriate steps to be a safe, compliant operator leaves companies vulnerable to disruptions in business continuity and potentially liable for the risk their vendors may generate.

Learn how your vendor management team can assess and mitigate risk related to driver programs with Ontic's continuous monitoring and safety solution.


Facilities / Campus Security

With open floor plans, sprawling campuses and a growing remote workforce, corporate facilities and campus security teams are tasked with keeping employees safe in an increasingly challenging environment. Understanding situations that might present a safety or business continuity risk is crucial in order to prevent acts of violence and keep workers safe. Modern security teams need to take an integrated approach to hardware like visitor management systems and cameras, and have the ability to collaborate—in real time across the entire corporate landscape—to protect their employees and assets.

With Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform, learn how your team can get a comprehensive view of intelligence from data tools and integrated hardware to quickly identify pre-incident indicators and proactively mitigate risk, keeping your facilities and campuses a safe place to work.

Executive Protection

In today’s digital world, executives are increasingly mobile and constantly in the eye of their employees, stakeholders and the public. Executive Protection teams are challenged with keeping principals safe while identifying risk at the office, home and while traveling. In this modern environment, Executive Protection teams need access to intelligence anywhere and anytime. Ontic aggregates all of the associated data and delivers Protective Intelligence, allowing teams to better identify and ultimately protect executives from risk.

With Ontic's Executive Protection solution, learn how your team can proactively monitor threats to your executive team to ensure there are no surprises.


Insider Threat

With 90% of companies feeling vulnerable to insider threats and the increase of incidents and state-sponsored attacks, insider threats have not only become more common, they have become more costly. The average cost of an inside attack has more than doubled to $8mm+ over the past two years. Without a proactive approach to identify areas of concern in your organization before an incident occurs, there’s significant risk to the safety and security of your employees, assets and intellectual property.

Learn how your team can proactively identify and mitigate threats in your workplace from the inside out with Ontic’s Insider Threat solution.

Travel and Events

The ever-changing needs related to keeping employees and assets safe while on the road or in large crowds at corporate events adds complexity to an already challenging job. From understanding who will be in attendance, assessing persons of interest nearby or getting real-time intelligence related to the event or travel location, understanding the risks leading up to and during business travel and events are critical when it comes to keeping your employees and assets safe.

With Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform, learn how your team can take a proactive approach to physical security to protect your employees, brand and guests.


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