Early threat identification to anticipate audience reaction

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The situation

The launch of new content from this Fortune 200 media and entertainment company often prompts aggressive audience reactions, leaving the Security Operations Manager working reactively to assess and act on threats. It was difficult to know what commentary was important and what action to take next. They were reliant on Google Alerts or subjective commentary from the marketing team to gain visibility into potential risks around show productions, the talent and relevant company executives.

Without a centralized database for persons of interest (POIs) or a way to monitor those threats in an ongoing manner, it was a constant challenge to keep up with the volume of threats posed to the organization.


The solution

With the goals of gaining a more comprehensive view of risk and shifting to a proactive approach to mitigating threats, the Corporate Security team partnered with Ontic to more efficiently identify new threats to keep its employees and talent safe.

The team now has a physical security system of record with a unified view of threats where they can investigate threat actors and monitor real-time feeds and alerts from multiple internal and external data sources.

The outcome

With Ontic, the Security Operations Manager can now:

Prioritize Social Media that Matters — The team can seamlessly isolate threat intelligence related to a content launch from general social media chatter — including social content in foreign languages for global productions and premieres.

Identify Insider Threats — With confidential media information in the hands of production staff, they can more easily identify when information is leaked or misrepresented.

Repeatable Process — The manager and his team can now leverage intelligence in the platform to assess threats and efficiently share throughout the organization, versus relying on commentary and observations from internal teams.


The majority of clients saw an over 50% increase in actionable threats monitored and mitigated with the Ontic platform.

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