Streamlining threat intelligence to protect an employee

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The situation

When an employee in the loan regulation department ended a relationship, her ex-companion began to display a series of stalking behaviors towards the employee and her family. He had a violent criminal history which included prior and recent incarceration, and each time he surfaced in the employee’s vicinity — often during the workday — he left his mark through threatening behavior.

When the threat actor sent an incriminating letter to the victim’s employer claiming irresponsible behavior and inappropriate use of company resources, it prompted the ethics team to investigate the matter to protect the victim’s safety. Despite the victim’s personal security resources, it was evident that there needed to be an additional layer of security present to keep an active pulse on the threat.


How we helped

The Principal Associate on the Threat Assessment Team was able to design a multi-layer safety net using Ontic to notify the security team of any criminal activity and travel within a specified radius around the employee’s home office.

The automated and real-time alerts for when the threat actor was released from jail empowered the employer to fulfill their duty of care, and gave the victim peace-of-mind and the ability to plan ahead. This proactive approach to employee protection equips the Threat Assessment Team with a high level of confidence, knowing they have as much data about the potential threat as is available.

With a proactive approach to employee protection, the security team can operate with a high level of confidence knowing they have as much data about the potential threat as is available.

The outcome

To keep a continuous watch on the threat, the Threat Assessment Team is able to leverage the following information from Ontic:

Real-Time Activity
The slightest change in activity is logged and included in an alert digest email. The criminal activity data alerted the security team within four hours of the threat actor being released from jail, giving them time to plan ahead and increase measures to protect the victim.

Location Intelligence
Using the threat actor’s license plate, the security team will be aware when he travels within a 10 mile radius of the victim. Through research in the Ontic platform, the client was able to identify and monitor eight additional vehicles associated with the threat actor’s brother.

Geo-Specific Alert for Branch Location
An alert is in place for a 10 mile radius of the branch location where the victim works. Additionally, security guards have access to the threat actor’s photo and information via the Ontic mobile app. This protects not only the victim, but her colleagues, the branch customers and the business continuity of the employer.

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