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Wednesday, October 12th at 12:30 PM CT

Strategies for Handling Threatening Behavior in the Hospitality, Retail and Multi-Family Housing Sectors

Violence is on the rise across many industries, including in the hospitality, retail and multi-family housing sectors, but different types of violence require different approaches. Experts will share ways to de-escalate hostile behavior and impulsive violence in the moment as well as prevention programs that operators of hospitality, retail, and multi-family housing facilities can use to reduce the risk of targeted violence to their patrons and employees.

Hear Jeffrey Nolan, JD, Marisa Randazzo, PhD, and Cynthia Marble discuss:

Types of Violence

Understanding the difference between impulsive violence and targeted violence and how each can be prevented

Strategies to De-Escalate Interactions

An overview of "Do's and "Don'ts" for de-escalating hostile interactions and preventing impulsive violence

Assessing and Managing Threats

Utilize threat assessment programs, including elements from the American National Standard


Dr. Marisa Randazzo, PhD

Executive Director of Threat Intelligence at Ontic

Cynthia Marble

Senior Director of Training Solutions at Ontic

Jeffrey Nolan, JD

Partner at Holland & Knight