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Workplace violence and insider threat prevention

Security teams within the federal, state and local government have an obligation to keep their organizations safe, but in today’s evolving and expanding threat landscape coupled with tight budgets, teams are often scrambling to keep up. From documenting, reporting and tracking cases to assessing threats, government security teams need a central place for streamlined threat management and dynamic collaboration.


Modernize the investigation and assessment process for government entities


Dynamic collaboration

Simplify the process of connecting investigation data by centralizing all relevant case information in one place, and automatically connect the dots between entities and incidents to provide link analysis. Enhanced collaboration including automated activity logs, detailed audit trails, team chat, file storage, case notes, and shared views of metrics ensures that every team member across the city, state or federal level working on an investigation has a single view of activity and progress.


Manage and assess threats

Stay on top of every aspect of an investigation with custom workflows connected to a POI database, investigative tools, assessments and more to produce robust analysis and reports. Leverage integrated proprietary and standardized methodologies to inform threat severities and guide risk assessments.


Comprehensive analysis and reporting

With custom workflows, the ability to assign tasks and generate alerts, as well as dashboards and reports, officials can seamlessly share investigation findings, conduct trend analysis and more effectively address areas of concern to mitigate risk.

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