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Protect what matters across the enterprise

With Ontic's modern, cloud-based SaaS solution, your security, human resources, legal and compliance teams can get the critical intelligence needed to better identify pre-incident indicators, assess threats and mitigate potential risk to ensure business continuity and protect company value.

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Protect People Everywhere

Keep employees, vendors and visitors safe - at any location. Ontic's Corporate Security solution, an all-in-one integrated software platform, is a force multiplier for security teams looking to manage a complex threat landscape and protect people, facilities and assets.


Protect Executives Everywhere

Ensure the safety of high-profile executives and high-net-worth individuals with an elevated risk. Ontic's Executive Protection solution enables teams to proactively monitor threats and keep principals safe at the office, at home or on-the-go by providing access to critical intelligence-anytime and anywhere.


Manage and Investigate Insider Threats

Uncover potential threat indicators to detect insider threats early and prevent incidents. Ontic's Insider Threat solution enables teams managing insider threat programs to proactively address the increasingly complex and costly risks posed by unwitting or nefarious insider behavior.


Investigate and Prevent Workplace Violence

Ensure compliance, reduce risk and mitigate the impact of workplace violence and misconduct incidents by proactively identifying pre-incident indicators. Ontic's Workplace Violence solution enables teams to proactively manage security threats, complaints and suspicious behavior in a secure, customizable platform to help prevent workplace incidents and avoid costly legal activity.


Anticipate and Reduce Corporate Liability

Focus your investigations, protect your data and control costs with improved processes, robust documentation and accelerated investigation timelines. Ontic's Corporate Liability solution enables legal teams to work seamlessly in a secure, cloud-based platform with an integrated suite of investigation and collaboration tools to evaluate a case and determine next steps.


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