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By becoming an Ontic Partner, we can work together to position your firm as a trusted advisor and enable your organization with best-in-breed technology, minimizing risk to you — and your clients.


Explore how Ontic’s modern software solutions can enable you to serve your clients better and grow your business


Private Equity Firms

General Partners (GPs) at Private Equity Firms with large interests and/or operational control can champion the use of Ontic to drive better security hygiene and best practices across portfolio companies, leading to value creation at the time of sale or IPO. Additionally, for firms looking to identify risk to a deal, Ontic can supplement the due diligence process on all counter-parties prior to a transaction. From high-level compliance-driven checks at the early, deal-sourcing stage to deep-dive, intelligence-driven investigative research at later stages, Ontic can help mitigate risk to the firm and tighten your security posture.


GSOC Operator Firms

For teams that run Global Security Operation Centers (GSOCs) on behalf of clients, Ontic can power an always-on and virtual GSOC to manage and mitigate threats proactively. Further, firms can recommend best-in-class technology solutions like Ontic to larger organizations, family offices, and high-network individuals they consult.


Risk Management Consultancies

For Risk Management providers looking to supplement strategic intelligence consulting services at both the macro and tactical level, Ontic partners can provide clients with enhanced visibility and a more holistic view of their threat landscape to minimize risk.


Cyber Security Providers

As physical and cyber security continue to blend into a single organizational function, Ontic can power modern organizations that have shifted to having highly converged security operations to better reconcile cyber threats at the individual level. Whether integrated into Ontic today or down the line, cyber providers can serve as a conduit for Ontic at organizations in which they’re already embedded, driving further value and enabling clients to manage incidents and cases more effectively.


Law Firms

Law Firms partnering with Ontic can supplement their existing practice during any litigation process – especially cross-border, multi-jurisdictional disputes — with robust Case Management and Investigations tools. Further, by integrating Ontic with eDiscovery tools, firms can ingest relevant information directly into Ontic, streamlining the litigation preparation process. On the client side, firms can be viewed trusted advisors by recommending best-in-class technology to ensure clients are prepared when a threat or business risk arises.


Professional Services Firms

Advising on change management for risk and security is a key focus for consultants partnering with enterprise clients as they look to mitigate risks, preserve business continuity, and build long-term organizational resilience. By advocating for the use of Ontic, Professional Services Firms can address gaps in the integration of technology while implementing people and process improvements to lead clients through transformation.


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