In this bonus episode, Ontic’s CEO and Co-Founder, Luke Quanstrom, switched seats with our podcast host, Fred Burton, to discuss a new research study that the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence just published called the 2021 State of Protective Intelligence Report.

During this brief 12 minute episode, Fred and Luke discuss the current security landscape and implications for businesses in the coming year. Fred shares his perspective on the most critical issues, which include:

  • The Rise in Physical Threats: With the continuing rise in physical threats — many of which are being missed resulting in harm to employees, customers and human assets — every business leader should be sounding an alarm and looking to protective intelligence.
  • The Impact to Business Continuity: Unmanaged physical threats increase corporate risk, can be financially crippling and negatively impact business continuity.
  • The Need for Digital Transformation: Security leaders who do not adopt a digital mindset will quickly be business irrelevant. Digitally transforming physical security solutions will play a critical role in protecting their company financially, culturally and brand-wise.

For more information on what lies ahead, listen to the full podcast and download a copy of the report at:

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