In this interview series, we spotlight leaders recognized in the Protective Intelligence Honors who have had a lasting impact on the security world as we know it. It is our hope that their insights on leadership and the timeless practice of security and protection will inspire you in your own efforts.

We all know that actions speak louder than words, but in some industries acting on change is harder than expected. Security is one of those industries; however, John McClurg, BlackBerry’s current Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, didn’t let that stand in his way. Throughout his career, he has pushed the boundaries of what has always been done to establish programs that complement the interdependency between the cyber and physical security arenas and was one of the first in the field to recognize the need for the two to converge.

Listen to his conversation with Fred as they discuss his career beginning as a Special Agent with the PBI on one of the nation’s first Joint Terrorism Task Forces, to leading several Fortune 500 companies in their efforts to link what happens online with what occurs in front of our eyes every day.

Ready to unify your data and tools for a holistic view of threats?