Benchmark Your Protective
Intelligence Program

Regardless of the size or maturity of your Protective Intelligence program, there is always room for improvement. Given the expanding and evolving physical threat landscape, the time is now to reassess and refine your approach. Use this interactive gauge to benchmark your Protective Intelligence program now!

When a threat arises, how prepared is your team to find the signal in the noise?

Drag the sliders below to indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements:


My organization has a Protective Intelligence program in place to proactively manage and identify known and unknown threats.

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We review alerts and connect intelligence to take action toward a resolution.

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My team reviews our contingency plans quarterly and provides employees with training.

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We continuously leverage data and metrics to demonstrate return on investment for physical security operations, and to refine our Protective Intelligence program.

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I have a process in place to easily deconflict and coordinate threats across multiple departments, such as security, legal and HR.

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