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Thought Leader

Michael Trott

Vice President, Global Safety and Security

Discovery Land Company

"Executive protection involves a person with specialized skills – as well as a particular mindset and sense of dedication – keeping another person safe, even at their own peril."

Michael (“Mike”) Trott is a respected and accomplished international security professional with 35 years of combined military, government, corporate and private sector experience. During Mike’s career, he has traveled to over 90 countries and lived abroad for nearly a fourth of his career.

Since 2017 Mike has served as Vice President and Corporate Head of Global Safety and Security for Discovery Land Company, a preeminent developer of international private residential club communities, consisting of members and owners that are part of an exclusive group for which security and privacy are among their highest priorities.

Over the years, Mike has held several senior positions, including that of embedded advisor and project manager for a multi-million-dollar Personal Security Initiative for a key U.S. Middle East ally, on matters of personal protection, leadership and protective intelligence. His private sector and corporate experience includes positions as Senior Security Advisor for the CEO and founder of Dell Corporation, as well as Director of Security for an extreme-high-net-wealth founder of a Fortune 100 Bay Area technology company and his family.

Mike began his career as a Security Specialist in the United States Air Force, serving six of his 10 years in Europe, where he was also assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), and provided close protection to three Generals under high terrorism threat conditions. He was also team leader and field supervisor for an operational 15-man tactical unit and conducted bilateral counter-terrorism training and joint operations with the German Special Police and military Special Operation units.

Between his military and private sector careers, for many years he was a Special Agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assigned to the protective security detail for the CIA Director and several deputy directors. Concurrently, he supported the Agency’s clandestine efforts to provide critical low-profile protection in various overseas locations in extreme high-threat conditions. He concluded his tenure supporting other Agency directorates.

Mike is a graduate of the U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Academy and holds degrees in Police Administration/Military Science and Instructor Technology.

He is also the author of a professional book regarding the subject of executive protection entitled The Protected, published in 2019. Mike has published numerous editorials and conducted several podcasts that can be found on his book website: