Former CIA Special Agent Shares Perspective on the Timeless Practice of Executive Protection

The concept of close protection has been around since the beginning of mankind. When villages knew a threat was approaching, they designated one person (or a small group) to step forward and protect the community. While the field of protection (the resources, technology, and types of threats) has evolved dramatically, the craft of keeping people and assets safe will be around until the end of time. Mike Trott, former CIA special agent and international security expert, has dedicated his career to the act of protection and recently authored a book on executive protection in 2019.

In this episode, Fred and Mike discuss the parallels between CIA operations and those of the private sector. He also shares lessons learned during the 2020 COVID crisis and the importance of realizing lack of travel doesn’t mean threats are minimized — they have shifted to new forms, such as medical security for executives. He emphasizes that while technology has opened up new opportunities for careers and access to information, the importance of observation and attention to detail is paramount. Lastly, Mike shares valuable information to aspiring executive protection professionals regarding areas of specialization and industry stability.

Mike Trott is a respected and accomplished international security and intelligence professional with over 30 years of combined military, CIA, Fortune 100 and private sector experience serving corporations and ultra-high net wealth principals and their families. Traveling and operating in over 90 countries and living abroad for more than a decade of his career, he continues to provide confidential advice and assistance to a diverse group of international clients.

Episode Notes:

Learn more about Mike’s recent book The Protected here.