Manufacturing security and employee protection

From facility security and operations to acts of violence, weather, or supply chain disruptions, manufacturers have a lot to stay on top of. With so many signals to monitor, teams need a more holistic view of threats to mitigate risk, minimize business disruptions, and work cross-functionally. One catastrophic incident or natural disaster can be devastating, and recovery is not guaranteed.


Keep company assets
and employees
safe and secure


Standardize security protocols

When assessing a reported incident or person of concern, security teams need structured threat assessment protocols to determine the level of risk. Having standardized threat assessment processes in place enables your team to better address threatening behavior and mitigate workplace violence incidents. Additionally, enhanced cross-collaboration throughout the duration of an investigation ensures that appropriate team members across the organization have a single view of reported threats and incidents.


Prevent workplace violence and insider threats early

With increased occurrences of employee threats, acts of violence, and security breaches, security teams are tasked with having modern programs in place to monitor OSINT activity across social media, the dark web and other sources to protect employees as well as the company’s assets and interests.


Protect assets and business continuity

Avoiding damage to assets and business disruptions while minimizing impacts to the bottom line is a priority of any manufacturer. With so much information to process, security teams need to be able to quickly surface relevant, critical signals from multiple sources (including weather), social media, real-time events, human intelligence, and technology systems so that they can leverage data and interactive maps to proactively identify risks to things like business operations or supply chain disruptions and allow for a coordinated, proactive response.


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