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Regardless of the industry, Ontic helps security teams improve effectiveness and find new efficiencies with Connected Intelligence. Holistic, real-time data plus streamlined workflows deliver measurable performance.

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Security best practices are business best practices

A good security program keeps people safer and makes businesses stronger. Rather than a tactical cost, we help businesses see security as a strategic imperative. With Ontic, security teams not only protect assets, they inform sound business strategy.

Our clients know that:


US employees do not feel safe on the job


in annual losses are attributed to workplace violence


of today’s execs worry that current risk policies cannot meet future needs


US employees experience workplace violence in an 8-week period


more costly to handle workplace violence than to prevent it


lower security opps costs with
software-powered programs


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Ontic brings security practitioners across a wide range of industries together, sharing best practices as business threats evolve. Whatever your industry, our purpose-built security software helps teams like yours work smarter and move faster.


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