Job Function: Security Operations

Lead with a security operations strategy built for scale

Ensure the protection of your organization’s people, assets, and information with sound policies and procedures supported by a platform for centralized security operations for a view of threats, vulnerabilities and risks.


Incomplete views increase vulnerability

Effective security operations require a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s goals and risk profile. Ontic helps you create shared processes and cohesive responses to any situation.


Facilities and asset protection

Build your security operations foundation by equipping your team with data, insights, and protocols that enable a proactive posture and create an efficient security operations center.

Secure your environment
with a 360° view

A strong security operations strategy requires a complete view of threat and risk information. Strengthen your program with centralized technology and workflows designed for business continuity.


Threat and risk assessments

Gain a better understanding of your organization’s vulnerabilities with structured digital assessments. With flexible assessment workflows, your team can create dynamic reports that build shared risk awareness


Incident dispatch and response  

Guard activity, incident dispatch, and security operations analysts must operate in coordination — and with limited friction. Generate effective response plans that coordinate actions and minimize incident impacts.

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See how Ontic’s platform becomes the foundation for a centralized security operations strategy to keep your organization safer.

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For teams responsible for researching and analyzing information to support critical business decisions.

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For teams monitoring public and systems data to provide situational awareness to the organization.

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For teams tasked with incident and investigative activities and managing a portfolio of cases.

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Executive Protection

For teams accountable for the safety of corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals.

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Solve your team’s top security challenges

Ontic enables each of the five essential security functions to work smarter, faster, and better across key responsibilities. To get security done, be sure to get the whole picture.

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Manager of Security Fortune 500 Technology Company
“It is a great platform and very, very valuable to the work we do in Security — operations, intelligence, investigations, and threat assessments.”
Fortune 200 Technology Company
“We are in the process of building and strengthening our protective intelligence program, and we consider Ontic to be the foundation of that process. It would be extremely difficult to research, manage, and maintain an effective protective intelligence program without this technology.”
Fortune 200 Technology Company
“I’ve found Ontic to deliver on our expectations and then some. It has automated, organized or otherwise made our threat management program considerably more robust and agile. Ongoing enhancements and development also makes Ontic a partner in our success as opposed to just a tool that solves a single problem.”

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