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Upgrade your retail asset protection

With a rapidly evolving and expanding threat landscape, security teams at retail organizations need a more holistic view of retail security threats to mitigate risk and minimize losses. From organized crime to data breaches, workplace violence and supply chain issues — these are just some of the threats retailers face when it comes to establishing proper retail security solutions at their organization.


Keep company assets, customers and employees safe and secure

Prevent theft and violent attacks

With organized crime, violent threats and attacks on employees becoming increasingly common, retail security teams are tasked with having modern programs in place to track incidents, monitor OSINT activity across the internet, the dark web and other sources to protect the company's assets, customer information and employees.

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Improve security operations

Retailers are being held to higher expectations every day when it comes to customer experiences. Having connected systems and full visibility allows organizations to have a proactive approach to gain situational awareness and efficient security operations. With real-time access to information around local happenings such as protests and riots, or alerts from a license plate recognition program, security teams can leverage automated technology within advanced retail security software to focus on the critical signals and minimize risks.

Protect assets and business continuity

A priority of any retail organization is avoiding business disruptions and minimizing the impacts of revenue loss, damaged or lost inventory, poor customer experience and risks to employees. With so much information to process, retail security teams need to be able to quickly surface relevant, critical signals from multiple sources including weather, social media, real-time events, human intelligence and technology systems so that they can leverage data and interactive maps to identify risks to things like business operation or supply chain distributions, and allow for a coordinated, proactive response.



“Determining the root cause of the gunshots within hours, and not spending the following workday(s) being distracted by the unknown, was helpful for both our teams' productivity and safety of the principals and employees.”


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