Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments


A proactive approach to risk mitigation

Establish an actionable program for assessing risks - with tailored, unified workflows that empower teams to take action before risks escalate.


The critical tools your team needs to mitigate risk

Expert program guidance through specific risk assessment scenarios helps security teams mitigate risk with intention and consistency.

Customized assessment workflows and forms
  • Unique assessment types for your specific needs
  • Dynamic forms with custom fields to fit your business process
  • Flexible workflows with self-service options
Customized permissions and reporting
  • Access permission controls and audit trails for compliance
  • Key performance metrics dashboards
  • Shareable reports with ready-made charts
Vulnerability tracking and principal views
  • Vulnerabilities tracked through to remediation
  • Connected database for a single source to manage principals and POIs
  • All threat actors and related entities in one powerful view
Structured threat assessment
  • Threat assessment methodology based on Secret Service model
  • Digital guided assessment workflows built seamlessly into software
  • Integrated WAVR-21 Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk

Fortune 1000 HR Director
“I have used other models but have never before found one that so clearly identifies the level of risk AND includes preventative measures by ensuring that the appropriate steps are taken even in situations that are not deemed imminent. ”
Fortune 1000 Media Company
“Ontic isn't just another software product. It was built by experts in the threat management field so every feature has a logical reason for existing. There are no other tools on the market that capture all of the fields, data collection, and task management specifically for threat managers.”
Fortune 10 Retail Company
“When I have a time sensitive or high visibility case, I rely on Ontic to provide results as quickly as possible so I am providing my leadership with the most accurate and real time updates.”

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