Ontic's Financial Services Security Solution


Financial services asset protection

With a rapidly evolving and expanding threat landscape, corporate security teams at financial institutions need a more holistic view of financial services security threats to mitigate risk and minimize losses. From fraud to insider threats and privacy challenges, financial services firms face an uphill battle when it comes to staying ahead of threats.

Keep company assets and sensitive client information safe and secure

Prevent fraud and malicious behavior

With fraud, personal identity information (PII) leaks, data breaches and other malicious outside behavior becoming increasingly common, security teams at financial services companies are tasked with having modern programs in place to monitor OSINT activity across social media, the dark web and other sources to protect clients as well as the company’s assets and interests.


Detect insider threats in the financial sector early

Insider threats — whether intentional or accidental — can cause damage to your company’s reputation, lead to data loss, cause physical damage and have massive monetary consequences. With many employees having access to sensitive financial data and PII, it is more important than ever to have protocols in place to detect threat indicators early and hone in on malicious activity or identify human error that could negatively impact your financial services organization.

Improve security operations

As the threat of access to systems and data becomes more sophisticated and the risk for harm increases, organizations in the financial services industry need to have a proactive approach to protecting the bottom line. By proactively using technology to detect potential threats, financial services security teams can stay one step ahead and act on critical signals swiftly.


What I like most about Ontic is the continuous monitoring and real-time alerting as situations arise. It makes it a useful tool and its resources are almost infinite for what we do.

Senior Manager, Threat Assessment, Fortune 100 Financial Services

The use of the technology within financial services will grow by 22 percent between 2017 and 2024.


Eighty-seven percent of executives surveyed stated that reputational damage is “more important” or “much more important” than any other strategic risks their companies face.

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