Fortune 200 Global Financial Services Company

Measuring What Matters to Objectively Assess Threats

The situation

A Fortune 200 global financial services company was using manual processes (think Excel spreadsheets) to manage over 5,000 potential threats and determine if certain activities elevated them to a person of interest (POI). They also used disparate tools to identify threats, age-old reporting sent via email, unactionable data and an overwhelming amount of alerts that were disconnected from POI data and their Visitor Management System (VMS).

This combination of risk issues left the company in desperate need of a platform that unified all critical historical and real-time data to gain a faster, clearer and more holistic view of situational risk and physical threats to the company.


The solution

The Corporate Security team turned to Ontic to more effectively manage, conduct research using investigative tools, obtain real-time alerts, and conduct assessments in a single view. With thousands of threats ingested into the Ontic Platform, the team now has an always-on and virtual Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) where they can leverage assessments that were surfaced by customer service to quickly determine next steps and collaborate together seamlessly.

They also have access to flexible, dynamic and customizable metrics dashboards to demonstrate the value of their security efforts to the broader organization. Daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual reporting capabilities bring them high-value, actionable and situational risk mitigation understanding.

The outcome

With Ontic, the Director of Threat Intelligence now has:

A Unified View
Replacing an antiquated legacy system and gaining the ability to efficiently store and manage data while using proprietary workflows and always-on external data integrations.

Custom Reporting to Demonstrate Value
Improved reporting capabilities of operational measures and metrics for both practitioners and managers including: number of entities, distribution of threat level, reason for inclusion, demographic information (e.g. gender, race), state distribution, number of entities on Be On The Lookout (BOLO) status, number of entities associated to principal, and entity creation trend.

Ease of Collaboration
Smarter collaboration with critical stakeholders throughout the enterprise, enabling dispersed global teams to easily share real-time and historical intelligence to better identify pre-incident indicators, assess risk, and mitigate potential threats.


I've found Ontic to deliver on our expectations and then some. It has automated, organized, or otherwise made our threat management program considerably more robust and agile. Ongoing enhancements and development also make Ontic a partner in our success as opposed to just a tool that solves a single problem.
Director Of Threat Intelligence, Fortune 200 Global Financial Company


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