Meijer Enhances Incident Intake for Actionable Follow-Up

The situation

The Meijer Asset Protection team has always been responsive to incidents that occur across their nearly 400 locations, distribution centers, and offices. With an evolving focus on threat reporting, the need to collect and gather more information about incidents or concerns is growing.

In the early days, this was manageable with document-based templates for incident reporting, but their process began to become strained, and a new solution was needed to enhance the consistency of information and manage the increasing caseload.

The team knew they were missing visibility of critical incidents, and when they did get reported, context was often limited. There was a clear growing need for an easier way for team members to submit incident reports and to have control over the quality of information being provided.


The solution

When the Meijer team entered discussions with Ontic about their corporate investigations and asset protection needs, the dynamic capabilities of converting an incident into an investigation and managing a case from beginning to end was enticing. They were attracted to the shared accessibility of investigations across the team, the ongoing visibility of subjects, and the ability to collaborate in one system.

However, Ontic’s ability to facilitate incident intake was limited to basic form functionality or integrations with less secure external forms. The team knew they needed something more extensive that allowed for custom questions and required fields to enforce data quality, save time, and support an increasing number of incidents.

The Meijer Asset Protection Team knew there was something to the Ontic software and believed it would benefit their team and the entire organization. So, when the Ontic team listened and confirmed they could build the intake forms Meijer needed, they made the case to bring it on board.

The outcome

Custom Incident Intake Forms
In a matter of months, Ontic delivered on its promise providing Meijer with custom incident intake forms that include required fields and specific answer values, effectively eliminating the need to reach out to store leaders to collect specific information.

More Effective Management of Increasing Case Volume
In less than a year, the impact of rolling out the accessible, easy-to-use forms and training the field leaders to use them has been a game changer for the Meijer Asset Protection Team. It has enhanced their ability to more effectively manage increasing case volume, and the field team is reporting more concerning activity, helping to close awareness gaps.

Trusted Partnership
The Meijer team has identified additional use cases for their intake forms and incident management, and the Ontic team is committed to delivering ongoing value and being a trusted partner for Meijer’s security software needs.


We are confident that we have early visibility of incidents across the company, that we can take swift action on the most severe issues, and that we can identify trends of high concern that need more attention.


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