Fortune 10 Retail Company

Identifying the Exact Location of a
Manipulative Threat Actor

The situation

Being a security team of one has its challenges when you are managing the activity of one of the most high-profile corporate families in the U.S. With only so many hours in the day, an unmanageable amount of data and an evolving threat landscape, it’s impossible to stay ahead of threats. When a case needed to be investigated, the timing of receiving intelligence was dependent on third-party sources that lacked a real-time alerting capability.

Challenges before Ontic:

  • Keeping track of countless passwords
  • Manually searching through piles of data
  • Lack of urgency from third-party data provider

It's not just the system, but the Ontic team. They become a partner in protecting our principals. The term 'force multiplier' holds true.
Security Services Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer


The solution

With threats on the rise, the Security Services Manager of the family office turned to Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform to proactively manage threats. Having real-time access to both historic and current data in relation to persons of concern proved to be game changing for both efficiency and accuracy of the information available.

There are some tasks that require the ultimate sense of urgency and completeness of information, and waiting hours — or even minutes — can be the difference between a missed signal and a mitigated threat. In this case, the Security Services Manager was monitoring a person of interest (POI) that was deceptively tying himself to the family with fabricated relationships and philanthropic events. After demonstrating the same unhealthy behavior for months, he suddenly went silent. Within hours, the client was able to surface information on a new vehicle — bringing renewed clarity to a stressful case.

The outcome

Using the Ontic platform, the Security Services Manager was able to gather the following information:

Confirmed Location and Direction of Travel
Within 24 hours, the Security Manager had a holistic view of the threat so he knew what to watch for on an ongoing basis. He quickly recognized something was amiss and connected the details to identify the current address and travel status of the POI, which was several hours away from the previous information on file.

Dynamic POI Reporting
Starting with only three pieces of information, the Security Services Manager used the platform to quickly surface the POI’s full criminal history, including several previously unknown incidents.

Increased Confidence and Accuracy
Tolerance for risk or “close to right” is very low, and having an algorithmically defined confidence score associated with new data is something the Security Services Manager has grown to depend on.

I was very proud to share the outcome of this case with my principal. If he ever resurfaces again, we know what the next step will be.
Security Services Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer


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