Job Function: Executive Protection

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Prioritize what matters to keep executives and principals out of harm’s way. Our comprehensive executive protection solution gives a full view of threats and vulnerabilities to help teams take the right actions at the right time.


Scattered information elevates risk

Executive protection teams have no room to miss important data or threat signals when it comes to their principal’s safety. Without a complete view of known and unknown threats and POI activities, you risk not seeing the full picture you need to maintain a secure environment.


Operations management

Say goodbye to sifting through noisy data sources with limited visibility into unknown threats. Ontic supports centralized, comprehensive executive protection with threat monitoring and integration with all your devices and systems.

Prioritize what matters to keep principals safe

Manage your executive protection program with a single source of truth for identifying and monitoring threats. With the right technology, your team can proactively mitigate risks.


Executive travel and event security

Enhance your executive protection planning and ensure your team can monitor new locations and travel routes by implementing digital, structured assessments for every trip and every place your principals visit.


Identity research and management

No more manual processes like managing POI data in spreadsheets. Ontic is your connected, one-stop shop for entity research and POI management so you can easily share data and take action fast.

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See how Ontic can upgrade your executive threat protection program with proactive threat monitoring that helps keep principals safe.

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For teams responsible for researching and analyzing risk intelligence to support critical business decisions.

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For teams monitoring public and systems data to provide situational awareness to the organization.

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For teams tasked with incident and investigative activities and managing a portfolio of cases.

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Security Operations

For teams managing day-to-day security operations and procedures.

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Solve your team’s top security challenges

Ontic enables each of the five essential security functions to work smarter, faster, and better across key responsibilities. To get security done, be sure to get the whole picture.

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Security Services Manager Fortune 100 Retailer (Family Office)
“It's not just the platform, but the Ontic team - they become a partner in protecting our principals. The term 'force multiplier' holds true.”
Executive Protection Manager Fortune 500 Retailer
“Determining the root cause of the gunshots within hours, and not spending the following workday(s) being distracted by the unknown, was helpful for both our teams productivity and safety of the principals and employees.”
Senior Director of Protective Services Fortune 50 Technology Company
“Ontic helps me be a half step ahead and gives me confidence in knowing our team has the right technology and strategies in place to mitigate risk and avoid crises while ensuring that we are following processes along the way.”

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