Integrated Research

Know more with Connected Intelligence

Optimize risk and threat management with identity, criminal activity, civil litigation, adverse media, and global public records coverage — all in one place.


Purpose-built for
security research

To lead with confidence, business decision-makers need security in the mix. Deepen intelligence with insights that combine real-time and historical data.

  • Tell the whole story

    Comprehensive, multi-sourced data and metrics provide unified investigative research for informed decision making.

  • Take swift action

    Move fast with the security threat intelligence needed to take meaningful action on threats.

  • Be the trusted advisor

    Have the verified data and knowledge to easily provide directional guidance for departmental leaders.

  • Optimize workflows

    Configurable workflows in a unified database allow for tool consolidation and streamlined business processes.

Trusted research for proactive security teams

Advise business decision-makers with confidence with a holistic view of threats, both known and unknown. That’s the power of Connected Intelligence.

Connected, verified data sources
  • Real-time and historical public records research
  • Many trusted sources unified in one system
  • Always-on threat actor database
Metrics and reporting
  • Key performance metrics dashboards
  • Shareable reports with ready-made charts
  • Critical insights and reporting on threat actors
Integrated entity research
  • Connected database for a single source to manage POIs
  • High-quality, contextual investigative information
  • Ability to share data quickly and take action
Custom configuration
  • Custom fields for consistent documentation
  • Permission controls and audit trails for compliance
  • User-friendly self-service customizations
Continuous threat monitoring
  • One view drawn from multiple sources
  • Comprehensive threat visibility across sources
  • Monitoring for known and unknown threats
NB 2023 Icons_Federated Research
Federated research
  • One click for a combined search of all sources
  • Criminal activity, court records, adverse media,
    and TLOxp results
  • Actionable findings connected to entities

Associate Director of Global Security Fortune 100 CPG
“It took our team just 30 minutes to create a profile. Previously, we spent almost eight hours assembling research from third-party sources and relying heavily on Google search.”
Intelligence Advisor Global Biotechnology Company
“At this point the Ontic platform acts as a massive force multiplier, allowing me to track and research far more things in a shorter period of time, automating many manual processes while providing a convenient 'one-stop shop' for investigations and research.”
Global Health Retailer
“The efficiency of this system is unmatched in my 10-15 years of doing this. The more I dive in, the more I realize how much time I’m saving by doing all of my researching and organization in Ontic.”

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