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Security and asset protection

Technology and telecommunication organizations provide innovation that, in most cases, are an intrinsic part of the daily lives of people all around the world. Almost as fast as technology is evolving, so is the threat landscape. From insider threats to the protection of employees and assets, tech and telecom physical security teams need a more holistic view of threats to mitigate risk and minimize losses.


Keep company assets and sensitive information
safe and secure


Improve security operations

As the threat of access to systems and data becomes more sophisticated and the risk for harm increases, organizations need to take a proactive approach to protect the bottom line. By proactively looking for and detecting potential telecommunication security threats, security teams can leverage advanced technology to focus on the critical signals and minimize risks.

Tech_Telecom_illustration_Detect threats early

Detect insider threats early

Insider threats — whether intentional or accidental — can cause damage to your company’s reputation, lead to loss of intellectual property, cause physical damage and have massive monetary consequences. With many employees having access to sensitive data, it is more important than ever to have tech / telecom security software and protocols in place to detect threat indicators early and hone in on malicious activity or identify human error that could negatively impact the business.


Proactively manage threats

Keep principals and employees safe no matter where they are and stay ahead of threats with a corporate security program to proactively identify threats, mitigate risks and keep people out of harm’s way. Actively monitor persons of interest (POIs) and their activities and stay informed when on-the-go with mobile capabilities.


Ontic helps me be a half step ahead and gives me confidence in knowing our team has the right technology and strategies in place to mitigate risk and avoid crises while ensuring that we are following processes along the way.

Senior Director of Protective Services
Fortune 50 Technology Company


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