Healthcare personnel and facilities protection

Acts of violent incidents, threats and intimidation, along with calls for panic buttons for doctors and nurses, highlight what healthcare professionals already know: physical violence against healthcare workers is dramatically increasing.

While hospitals and clinics have instituted additional healthcare physical safety measures such as metal detectors in ERs, 24/7 onsite police presence, and training in crisis management and de-escalation techniques, healthcare organizations have considerable opportunities to modernize their workplace violence prevention programs.


Manage safety in healthcare workplaces for staff, patients, and visitors


Standardize healthcare safety and security protocols

When assessing a reported incident or person of concern, healthcare security officers and teams need structured threat assessment protocols to determine the level of risk. Having standardized healthcare security risk assessment processes in place enables your team to better address threatening behavior and mitigate workplace violence incidents.


Develop a culture of reporting incidents

All too often, healthcare and hospital workers feel reluctant and unsure to report acts of violence, threats or abnormal behavior. To encourage incident reporting, healthcare leaders must provide clear protocols for how to anonymously report behaviors of concern as well as education on what types of incidents should be reported. Additionally, it’s important to ensure privacy by safeguarding access to incident investigations and information.


Bridge divided teams

It's essential that stakeholders across healthcare organizations — from HR to legal to the C-Suite — are involved in measures to prevent violence against healthcare workers. Enhanced collaboration and consistent communication throughout the duration of an investigation ensures that appropriate team members across the organization have a single view of reported threats and incidents, reducing the frequency and severity of events impacting the hospital.


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