Pharma & Biotech Security Solution

Security for pharmaceutical

and biotechnology companies

Biotech and pharma companies are responsible for producing innovations that are often an essential part of daily lives around the globe, which means they are a primary target for bad actors. With a rapidly evolving and complex threat landscape, pharma and biotech security teams need a more holistic view of threats to mitigate risk and minimize losses.


Keep company employees, assets, and information
safe and secure


Detect insider threats early

From leaked intellectual property to the sabotage of goods, insider threats — whether intentional or accidental — can cause massive tangible & monetary consequences. With many employees or contracted vendors having access to sensitive data and supply, it is more important than ever to have protocols in place to detect threat indicators early and hone in on malicious activity or identify human error that could negatively impact the business.


Protect employees and assets

With the exponential increase in external threats against companies, organizations must establish a cost-effective approach to providing safety and security for their employees and assets. Security teams without a modern program risk safety, security, and reputation damage. They need a corporate security program that supports the visibility of persons of interest (POIs), OSINT activity across the internet and the dark web, and other sources to uncover important details and relevant information to protect employees and the company’s assets and interests.


Maintain business operations

Avoiding damage or disruption to the transfer of supplies is of critical importance to any Pharmaceutical or Biotech company. With so much information to process and monitor, pharma and biotech security teams need to be able to quickly surface relevant, critical signals from multiple sources, including weather, social media, real-time events, human intelligence, and technology systems so that they can leverage data and interactive maps to proactively identify risks and have a coordinated, proactive response.


What used to take us 2-3 days to do now takes 15-20 minutes. It's an enormous time saver."

Head of Security
Emerging Pharmaceutical Company


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