Leading DTC Culinary Company

Gaining Control of a Rapidly Expanding Threat Landscape

The situation

The market for entry-level jobs is increasingly competitive — employers are competing for the best workers, and candidates are up against larger and more experienced pools. However, in the retail industry, the high volume of workers hired is often followed by a larger than average turnover rate. This pattern is especially challenging for security teams who work tirelessly to keep a pulse on potentially disgruntled ex-employees and other factors across the threat landscape.

This scenario was all too familiar for a leading DTC culinary company, and the high turnover within each of the three fulfillment centers meant an expanding list of potential threats against the business. As the company grew, the security and legal teams relied on emailed documentation to inform the team about potential threats. The reason for inclusion on the list was often subjective, and important details were either missing or not updated. Moreover, collaboration was prompted by receiving an email, and there was often uncertainty as to whether someone was working from the correct version.


The solution

The Senior Director of Corporate Security knew the team could not scan and capture everything necessary to keep current employees safe. They needed to gain control of their rapidly expanding and evolving threat landscape so they could cut through the noise and know what to act on first. Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform provided a single source of truth to empower the team to share critical information with colleagues across the organization, and allow for a restricted access level for contract security team members. Given the time-sensitive nature of the information, notifications were set up to surface relevant signals from the threat intelligence feed every six hours. From there, they can prioritize the most relevant and highest threats, and notify those involved directly — all within one consolidated threat intelligence platform.

The outcome

With Ontic, the Sr. Director of Corporate Security and his team can now:

Manage the volume of moderate threats
With over 500 persons of concern associated with each of the three fulfillment centers, keeping a pulse on these individuals was nearly impossible. Any negative activity is now surfaced within the platform.

Manage and assess high-threat actors
In the initial three months, the security team more than doubled the amount of high-threat actors they are managing and assessing on a daily basis. Gone are the days of manually checking ex-employee files and searching for information online.

Receive geo-specific intelligence
The corporate security team uses the threat intelligence platform to geofence fulfillment centers. Advanced threat monitoring across their camera network is enabled within a specified radius. They can also stay on top of relevant news for each location to keep track of any protests, weather, or malicious activity that could affect the center.


With the increased volume of data and a rise in potential threats, the security team needed a way to cut through the noise and know what to act on first.


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