Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Informing Important Business Decisions With Consistent Due Diligence

The situation

Standing up a risk-based due diligence program to support a global financial services organization for all aspects of ongoing needs is a significant undertaking to ensure proper vetting and avoid costly surprises. It’s even more monumental to ensure that due diligence reports are delivered at start-up speed without compromising the quality required by a large company.

The small team at this Fortune 500 financial services company was previously operating without a formal screening process, and due diligence reports were pieced together from many data sources and delivered as documents via email or chat tools. They lacked visibility of historical findings and knew that critical information was missing.

Ontic ClientStory Fortune500FinServ solution

The solution

Whether the team is researching a person or a potential partnership company, it’s critical to provide an assessment and thorough report so that stakeholders can determine if there is a credible risk and make informed decisions. 

It would often take the team several days of digging through public records and data sources to produce one due diligence report. Today with Ontic’s connected platform, they can produce reports in hours, not days, while still ensuring a thorough investigation, saving them time and allowing them to meet deadlines quicker. Furthermore, with Ontic’s Integrated Research product, the risk intelligence pillar is known for delivering consistent, high-quality reports.

The outcome

Adverse Media Research
A favorite tool of the team is Adverse Media research which they rely on for an average of 40 monthly searches and ongoing monitoring for updated information. It consistently uncovers information that no other tool does – like bribery allegations against a potential business partner.

Cross-Functional Impact
The risk intelligence program services multiple teams' needs, including brand management, vendor management, executive protection, and external affairs – including customer interactions.

Company-Wide Savings
With over 500 due diligence reports produced in the last two years, Ontic is at the center of the program and helped save the company over $1.1 million by in-housing this due diligence capability.

Ontic ClientStory Fortune500FinServ outcome

Our value is reputational for supporting sound, informed business decisions.Risk Intelligence Lead, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company


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