Job Function: GSOC

Modernize your security center

Centralize your security program around a common view of risks, active monitoring, and connected data so your team can take immediate action.


Decentralization can be risky

Early detection and analysis of threats are critical for rapid communication with security staff and personnel at risk. A GSOC with proactive monitoring and centralized operations can take immediate action to prevent harm and reduce incident impacts.


Organizational situational awareness

Break down data silos, eliminate noisy signals, and align teams across the organization with a common view and shared understanding. With Ontic, your personnel and tools are working in harmony.

Become the central source of information

Your GSOC should be the source of truth for proactive risk mitigation. Ontic provides a single environment for monitoring data, synthesizing risk intelligence in relation to personnel and assets, and communicating recommended response activities to appropriate team members.


Threat monitoring and communication

Elevate your team’s effectiveness with a comprehensive view of actionable threat data and risk signals. Our innovative platform unifies threat monitoring, research, investigation, assessment, and notifications.


Physical security monitoring

Connect internal and external systems across your organization for always-on alerts. Customize standard workflows to create repeatable, coordinated SOPs that
support action from any location.

Ready to centralize your security program?

See how Ontic’s Converged Security Operations Console works to support proactive GSOC activities with a centralized view of security risks around people and facilities.

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For teams responsible for researching and analyzing risk intelligence to support critical business decisions.

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Security Operations

For teams managing day-to-day security operations and procedures.

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For teams tasked with incident and investigative activities and managing a portfolio of cases.

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Executive Protection

For teams accountable for the safety of corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals.

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Solve your team’s top security challenges

Ontic enables each of the five essential security functions to work smarter, faster, and better across key responsibilities. To get security done, be sure to get the whole picture.

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Leading Nonprofit Organization
“We're planning different ways to incorporate Ontic with our various programs and methodologies, as it is a good tool for initial research, centralizing data, collaboration, and gathering metrics.”
Fortune 100 Media Company
“Bringing multiple data feeds and research tools into a single platform makes it easy to connect findings with an entity. It's been a huge asset.”
Senior Director of Protective Services Fortune 50 Technology Company
“Ontic helps me be a half step ahead and gives me confidence in knowing our team has the right technology and strategies in place to mitigate risk and avoid crises while ensuring that we are following processes along the way.”

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