Real-Time Threat Detection: Gaining Situational Awareness to Inform Action

With new information pouring in from all angles every day, it’s increasingly difficult for security teams to decide what demands should be acted on and what should be pushed aside for a later day. You may be using an array of situational awareness tools to observe the threat landscape and recognize potential risks, but do you have a central source of truth that brings all of your data into one view?

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In this Situational Awareness White Paper, you’ll learn why a central source is needed to gain situational awareness and take action, specifically highlighting:

Impact of Today’s Threat Landscape

The increasingly disparate workforce makes knowing the full context of a threat challenging to understand and act on

Key Parts of Real-Time Threat Detection

Staying informed in a granular and geo-targeted way across multiple locations helps teams better contextualize threats

Informing Action with Current Data

With one view, teams can identify patterns or anomalies within the data to investigate further and identify trends over time