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From OSAC to DSAC to Visa’s GSOC: Identifying the Root Cause of Security Concerns

sub In the fields of security and intelligence, where definitive answers and data are often needed immediately to make critical decisions, taking the time to listen can get pushed aside. However, as Mary Hackman argues, looking for the root causes of security problems and finding time to ask for the opinions of others may be the best – and fastest – way to fully comprehend a problem, and take informed action to keep people and property safe. As the Director of the Global Intelligence and Global Security Operations Center at Visa, Mary Hackman relies on this approach – building an environment that welcomes discussion and disagreement – to tackle even the toughest security concerns.

Hackman has over 20 years of experience building and managing risk assessment and mitigation programs for the U.S. government and private sector. Earlier in her career, she worked at the US State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), providing security guidance to the private sector operating overseas; at the US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis, and also worked with the FBI’s Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC), before joining Visa. Throughout her career, she has looked for what root causes underlie security concerns as a way to mitigate risk and has also sought to build partnerships throughout.

Hackman joins host Dr. Marisa Randazzo to discuss:

  • Her non-linear progression from OSAC to GSOC (Global Security Operations Center) at Visa.
  • The most critical skill to have when building a multi-stakeholder team to get to the root cause of a security concern.
  • The impact of a career in security and protection on one’s health and why it’s necessary to check in with peers and take time to reset.