Field Tested: Strengthening Your GSOC With an Intelligence-Driven Approach

What steps are you taking to ensure your corporate security program can handle today’s challenges? Global Security Operation Centers (GSOCs) are rapidly expanding their role and responsibilities to the business. Watch Ontic and a panel of security experts as they uncover GSOC vulnerabilities from a lack of an intel-fed and ops-led strategy.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn valuable insights, including how GSOCs of tomorrow can:

Align on Requirements

Deliver better outcomes based on a robust requirements-gathering process

Build a Diverse Team

Craft a team that can adapt and respond to a dynamic threat landscape

Leverage Emerging Technologies

Harnessing new tools to be more effective and efficient


Sweta Patel

Director, GSOC & Threat Intelligence at Lowe's Companies, Inc.


Owner of NXTG Solutions, LLC

Charles Randolph

VP of Security and Intelligence at Ontic

Eric Boger

VP, Solutions Evangelist at Ontic