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From Static Reporting to
Instantly Evaluating Performance

The situation

Determining the value of making nothing happen isn’t easy, even for a Fortune 50 global technology company. However, it’s crucial when you need to determine how the current threat landscape impacts the executive team and informs resource decisions.

With data to detect, analyze and mitigate potential risks and threats stored in multiple publicly available resources that require manual updates, the team was scrambling to connect the dots. Data also included company-proprietary records and communications such as mail, letters and calls. An overwhelming amount of unorganized, unactionable social media data made it difficult to identify negative commentary around executives and isolate threat-related content.

Ontic has transformed how we protect our people and company value and has become a critical part of our protective intelligence security program by giving our team the ability to proactively and continually manage threats in a single platform.
Senior Director, Protective Intelligence and Operations, Fortune 50 Technology Company


The solution

When the stress of checking multiple tools and being inundated with social media threats became too much, the executive protection team turned to Ontic to evaluate and manage POIs and threat actors, as well as archive and store past threat data.

The platform integrated a variety of sources for the client — from human observations and public records data, to social media, to cameras and other physical security software and data providers.

As a result, they can more effectively manage incidents and investigations, conduct research using investigative tools, monitor real-time feeds and get alerts, and conduct assessments in a single view.

The outcome

With Ontic, the Senior Director of Protective Intelligence and Operations now has:

Always-On Intelligence
Replacing manual processes and leveraging proprietary workflows, with always-on external data integrations, helps surface critical intelligence in real-time that prompts effective analysis.

Streamlined Social Media
Seamlessly isolated threat intelligence from general social media chatter to better protect executives.

Visibility Between Field and Office
The Ontic mobile app allows for quick, on-the-go incident management by field operators, and incorporated fixed camera feeds provide the ability to view vehicle sightings in real-time, and display trends for anomaly detection.

Measurable Program Effectiveness
The ability to customize monthly reports to leaders, including high level categories and detailed data points (i.e., motive category and motive, target, relationship to target, property involved, and case reporter.)


Ontic helps me be a half step ahead and gives me confidence in knowing our team has the right technology and strategies in place to mitigate risk and avoid crises while ensuring that we are following processes along the way. The speed at which Ontic innovates, while asking for and considering client feedback, is the best we have seen in the industry.
Senior Director, Protective Intelligence and Operations, Fortune 50 Technology Company


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