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Expediting the Investigative Process to Stay One Step Ahead


The situation

When a threat actor has a social profile or address tied to their identity, it’s usually smooth sailing for corporate security teams to put the pieces together and assemble a more robust risk profile. However, some threat actors require additional creativity at the start of the investigative journey.

For a Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, a previously unknown threat actor swooped into the picture and left his mark by entering a factory with a weapon. After the security team controlled the situation, the fear of this individual reappearing remained.

Previously, they relied on threat documentation — often 10 pages deep and lacking an organized sequence — to keep tabs on active threats. When individuals did not have a social presence or concrete address history, like the threat actor who barged into the factory, it left the security team scratching their heads on where to turn next.


The solution

The Associate Director of Global Security grew increasingly frustrated with the amount of time and resources it took to assemble an investigative report. He knew there had to be a better solution to digging three pages deep into a Google search and comparing information to what was received from third-party vendors.

He turned to Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform to view all data in a centralized place, shaving time and the anxious feeling of uncertainty off of his team’s day-to-day routine.

This comprehensive view was instrumental to forming a complete picture around the threat actor who entered the factory. Using the platform and knowing only his name, city, and a blurry photograph, the investigative profile quickly came together to help the team better understand the full picture of the threat and stay ahead of his next move.

The outcome

Global security teams of all levels know better than to assume a threat won’t appear again. With the Ontic platform, the team can now:

Detect, manage and assess threats
The slightest change in activity is logged and included in an alert digest email, bringing awareness to criminal activity, location data, and more.

Trust the data and share what’s relevant
The platform data is presented in a manner that is similar to what the client used in his law enforcement career, and provides the ability to share a customized, scaled back version of the threat profile with contract security staff.

Effectively manage day-to-day activities
With all information captured in one centralized source, time is freed up to be the eyes and ears of the security operation, versus being buried in data.


It took our team just 30 minutes to create a profile. Previously, we spent almost eight hours assembling research from third-party sources and relying heavily on Google search.
Associate Director of Global Security, Fortune 100 CPG


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