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Fueling today's corporate security teams

What security responsibilities are the most difficult for your team? The Ontic Platform is designed to help security teams get the job done, together.


Manage threats and mitigate risks across the organization

No matter what challenge your organization faces, Ontic can help you upgrade your security program and be a force multiplier for your team.


For teams responsible for researching and analyzing information to support critical business decisions, Ontic enables:


For teams accountable for managing a wide range of investigations and cases to help mitigate risks, Ontic enables:


For teams who monitor public and systems data to detect and respond to security incidents and threats to the organization, Ontic enables:

Executive Protection

For teams accountable for the safety of corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals, Ontic enables:

Security Operations

For teams who manage day-to-day security operations and procedures to safeguard the organization’s people and assets, Ontic enables:

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If you’re the corporate security team that does it all
and then some, we get that, and we can help.

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Manager of Security Fortune 500 Technology Company
“It is a great platform and very, very valuable to the work we do in Security — operations, intelligence, investigations, and threat assessments.”
Head of Security Emerging Pharmaceutical Company
“We love having everything in one place: entities, social media, investigations. What used to take us 2-3 days to do now takes 15-20 minutes. It's an enormous time saver.”
Senior Manager, Global Security & Threat Management Fortune 10 Retail Company
“When I have a time sensitive or high visibility case, I rely on Ontic to provide results as quickly as possible so I am providing my leadership with the most accurate and real time updates.”