Whether you remember where you were when JFK was assassinated or have read about it since, we can all agree that there are many elements that remain unclear. Decades later, witnesses are sharing new details and angles to the case that changed protection forever.

In this episode, the authors of The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Stories About the JFK Assassination, discuss the unresolved aspects of the case with Fred Burton. They recount several conflicting facts from statements made just after this tragically defining event in history, and leave listeners yearning to know more.

Authors Katana Zachry and Sara Peterson became interested in President Kennedy’s assassination at a young age. Zachry’s grandparents lived in Dallas in 1963 and passed along newspapers from the era. Peterson developed an interest in the assassination in 1978 when she participated in the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans program in Washington, D.C. The two have collected books and artifacts concerning the assassination for years.

Check out the book The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Stories About the JFK Assassination.

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