Connected Corporate Security: How to Manage Threats and Risks with a Unified Model

In today's world, risks are increasingly interconnected and complex. They often sit between or across several functions, making it crucial for companies to have an effective corporate security function in place. At the heart of this function lies the mastery of connectivity on three levels: within, across, and between.

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In this report developed in partnership with The Clarity Factory, we share how security teams can:

Foster Internal Connectivity

Gain insight into collaborative tools, consolidated technology, and data-sharing practices to achieve connectivity within security at scale

Collaborate Cross-Functionally

Learn how to effectively collaborate with various business functions, such as HR, cybersecurity, legal, and compliance, to successfully address interconnected risks

Leverage External Networks

Streamline and strengthen external relations for M&A, community relations, political risk, and market insights to support security functions and provide valuable information for the overall business strategy