Ontic and SIGMA Threat Management Associates Partner for Comprehensive Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Solution

July 14, 2020

Collaboration Expands Ontic Offering, Empowers Large Enterprise Physical Security Teams with Critical Protocols and Technology, From Incident Report and Threat Level Assessment to Threat Management 

Ontic, the unified protective intelligence software platform digitally transforming how businesses proactively address physical safety, today announced it has entered into a partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates (“SIGMA”), integrating SIGMA’s Workplace Threat Assessment module into the Ontic SaaS-based software platform. SIGMA’s module is designed to help professionals in human resources, corporate security, executive protection, and employee assistance programs to evaluate and address threatening behavior and reduce the risk of workplace violence. 

Ontic is the first protective intelligence technology platform to unify all critical data and information corporate security professionals need so that they can get the most relevant intelligence — faster — for early threat detection in order to keep employees, facilities and assets safe. The Ontic platform is designed to efficiently augment the human intelligence and intimate day-to-day knowledge corporate security teams bring to a company’s physical protection issues. 

“Partnering with behavioral threat assessment and management experts like SIGMA gives our clients a holistic, highly effective, technology-driven approach to physical and personnel security,” said Lukas Quanstrom, chief executive officer, Ontic. “When paired with SIGMA’s strategic process, which guides the identification of threats, gathering of information, assessment, creation and implementation of plans for addressing threats, the Ontic platform becomes indispensable for the efficient and productive workflows of physical security and safety professionals.”

With the addition of the SIGMA’s Workplace Threat Assessment module, Ontic’s Fortune 500 clients can implement a proven four-step protocol to help guide decisions around identifying incidents of concern, gathering necessary information through investigative research and interviews, assessing the level of risk and how significant or imminent it may be, and deploying appropriate actions to manage and mitigate the threat. Physical security professionals can also employ the SIGMA Flow within the Ontic platform to create case management plans to address threats, identify gaps in existing processes that may lead to a threat, and implement improvements. 

“We know from our vast experience with corporations that having a threat assessment and threat management process is the best available tool to prevent workplace violence and handle threatening behavior, even in a remote environment,” said Dr. Marisa Randazzo, chief executive officer, SIGMA. “Partnering with Ontic has allowed us to develop a tool that makes the workplace threat assessment process easier to follow, to track cases, and to coordinate strategies to reduce risk where needed. The combination of SIGMA’s threat assessment process with Ontic’s signal intelligence, automation, trigger alerts and workflows, ultimately brings protective intelligence and threat assessment to a new level of innovation.” 

About SIGMA Threat Management Associates

SIGMA Threat Management Associates is a team of leading experts in behavioral threat assessment and threat management. The company provides threat assessment and violence prevention services to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, military units, law enforcement and security professionals, and prominent individuals and family offices.

About Ontic

Ontic is the first protective intelligence technology platform to unify and digitally transform all critical data and information physical security professionals need to get the most relevant intelligence — faster — for early threat detection. Insights from the SaaS-based Ontic platform allow corporate security and education leaders to better identify pre-incident indicators, assess risk and mitigate potential threats in order to protect employees, patrons, students, educators, facilities and schools. Ontic works with Fortune 500 companies and leading educational institutions to keep its most prized assets safe — its people.

Ontic and SIGMA will host a webinar on July 15, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. CST to further discuss the partnership and how it can be applied to workplace violence within businesses. Request an invite.