Ontic Further Strengthens Protective Intelligence Platform with Giant Oak AI-Driven Open and Deep Web Search Integration

March 2, 2021

Empowers adverse media monitoring at scale in a single, automated, always-on platform

AUSTIN, March 2, 2021 –– Ontic, the protective intelligence software innovator digitally transforming how companies actively identify, investigate, assess, watch and manage physical security threats, announces a partnership with Giant Oak, a leader in the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data for the security needs of business and government. By integrating GOST® into the Ontic platform, the company’s Fortune 500 clients have the ability to screen for nefarious acts and threat actors more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

“Companies are in need of a solution that rapidly screens and prioritizes information to identify potential threats to their operations and business at scale,” says Ontic CEO Lukas Quanstrom. “With the addition of GOST, the Ontic platform becomes the most holistic security offering on the market covering access to identity resolution, civil data, criminal records, incarceration and release records, open-source intelligence listening and adverse media monitoring.”

Accessible directly via the Ontic platform, GOST® is a Machine Learning-based platform that builds custom internet domains and organizes information to detect suspicious behaviors. GOST® re-indexes the open and deep webs to return publicly available electronic information (PAEI) prioritized to meet user requirements.

“Corporations spend far too much time manually searching and combing through the results,” said Gary M. Shiffman, PhD, founder and CEO of Giant Oak. “With GOST on the Ontic platform, people now have a powerful, Machine-Learning based tool to easily search and identify the most important information on the right people.”

About Ontic
Ontic is the first protective intelligence software company to digitally transform how Fortune 500 and emerging enterprises proactively address physical threat management to protect employees, customers and assets. Ontic’s SaaS-based platform collects and connects threat indicators to provide a comprehensive view of potential threats while surfacing critical knowledge so companies can assess and action more to maintain business continuity and reduce financial impact. Ontic also provides strategic consulting, multidimensional services, education and thought leadership for safety and security professionals at major corporations via its Center for Protective Intelligence. For more information please visit ontic.co

About Giant Oak
At Giant Oak, we build trusted tools at the frontiers of behavioral science and artificial intelligence which enable you to make both rapid and informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic security environment. GOST® (Giant Oak Search Technology) makes screening easy. For more information, visit www.giantoak.com.

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