A Private Investigator’s View into Managing a Targeted Threat

When it comes to investigating a targeted threat and protecting his clients, Rob Kimmons, Owner of Kimmons Investigations, knows this territory forwards and backwards. Setting up countermeasures (under the direction of his clients and in accordance with local / state laws) is one of the most difficult tasks his firm takes on, as each unique case requires a different approach and combination of resources.

In this episode, Rob returns to our podcast series to expand on his previous episode: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Corporate Security. Rob shares the types of cases he manages, the tactics different types of cases demand and what types of people are best for the role of managing targeted threats.

Rob Kimmons formed his investigative and security company in 1982. Kimmons is a former Houston Police Officer and Houston FireFighter. Kimmons holds the certifications of Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Homeland Security Expert (CHS III). He is a graduate of the Jarvis International Counterintelligence/Counter Surveillance Academy (basic and advanced schools).

For more information, check out Rob’s company website: www.kimmonsinv.com/ and Rob’s book, PI Revelations, on Amazon.