Brad Thor Pushes Beyond His Comfort Zone in Latest Thriller – Rising Tiger

With 15 million books in print, Brad Thor has to be doing something right. His Scot Harvath series has evolved to encompass 22 thrillers — each with a mind-bending plot that can be read as a stand-alone novel or for those avid fans who have followed along from the very beginning in The Days of Lucerne.

He returns to the podcast to speak with Fred about his latest thriller – Rising Tiger. They cover everything from the research that went into understanding threats in the Eastern hemisphere to how he is able to adapt his main character to new environments as time goes on. He is an author who is truly committed to working for his readers and knows the art of blending real-world events into his stories that have the ability to stay relevant decades from now.

BRAD THOR is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-two thrillers, including Black Ice, Near Dark, Backlash, Spymaster, The Last Patriot, and Blowback. He has appeared on every major news channel to share the parallels between his novels around terrorism and international espionage, and the real threats facing the world today. Visit his website at BradThor.com and follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/BradThorOfficial and on Twitter @BradThor.