Forging the Path to Protect Fintech with Scott Gardner 

Scott Gardner, Chief Security Officer at Stripe, joins for an in-depth exploration of the intricate world of corporate security within the fintech space. Scott brings a wealth of experience from his distinguished background, spanning the United States Navy, government roles in homeland security, and executive security positions in high-profile corporations like Meta and now Stripe. 

Scott’s transition from military excellence to pioneering security strategies in the corporate sector illustrates a career path defined by adaptability, leadership, and the strategic alignment of people, processes, and technology. Listeners will gain a look into the challenges and threats targeting the fintech industry as Scott articulates the nuances of securing digital and physical assets in an ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Tune into his conversation with Chuck Randolph to hear: 

  • Insights into Scott’s career journey from the Navy to Stripe, highlighting the necessary adaptability and leadership.
  • Strategies for assembling and nurturing a diverse, effective security team to face dynamic challenges.
  • An exploration of balancing user-friendly technology with rigorous security procedures amidst the fintech industry’s unique threats.

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