Ron Worman on the Cultural Challenge Behind the Cyber-Physical Convergence

The unification of cyber and physical security information is a challenge that technology alone cannot solve. However, what many do not realize is that it is most certainly a culture problem — rooted in deeply embedded belief systems. In order to be changed and viewed under the same roof, it has to be articulated and measured — and, more importantly, it has to be embraced by leadership.

Ron and Fred have a “Great Conversation” in this episode in every sense of the phrase. Ron shares how convergence has occurred at the technical level, but it is long overdue at the organizational level. They discuss the role of technology and automation to assist in this organizational shift, since the current deluge of information means that no one has enough time, money, or people to detect anomalies and patterns.

Ron Worman is the Founder and CEO of The Sage Group® and The Great Conversation. Over the last 30 years The Sage Group has been helping companies build and execute a ‘value’ strategy that leverages their internal and external relationships. Sage helps clients identify their strategy, formalize it in an effective plan, communicate it to its employees, partners and clients and measure it to ensure strategic objectives are met. The Sage Group methodology, The Path to Value™, has been leveraged successfully by clients across multiple markets and models since 2002. That led to “The Great Conversation”, a podcast and physical forum designed to capture the essential ideas that are working today and, more importantly, the emerging ideas that could change our lives and our businesses tomorrow.

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