Situational Awareness: What an Attacker is Looking For with Kelly Sayre

Have you ever stepped back to think about how you carry yourself as you walk down the street? Everything from your posture, to your line of sight, to what you are fidgeting with (cellphone, anyone?) is what an attacker is observing from afar. A cue as small as turning your head twice within one minute can signal to an observer that you are uncomfortable with your surroundings. Kelly Sayre, Founder and President of the Diamond Arrow Group, educates women about these exact observations and how vital it is to pay attention to your intuition.

In this episode, Fred and Kelly discuss the “what if” scenarios that often aren’t discussed. While acts of violence that actually happen are always shared, having a dialogue around what didn’t happen is equally important. It’s critical to have a plan in case you find yourself in a situation where you are being followed and need to take action. Even the slightest variance is worth acknowledging to prevent an attacker from accomplishing their goal. Whether carrying mace or a simple flashlight, it’s important for the individual to feel comfortable using it and feel empowered to protect themselves from harm.

Kelly is Founder and President of the Diamond Arrow Group, which teaches situational awareness to women so they have the confidence to move forward and live life on their own terms. Teachings are offered through speaking engagements, classes, one-on-one consultations and online training programs.

Episode Notes:

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